Borrowing Money From China to Pay Unemployed in America

Borrowing Money From China to Pay Unemployed in America

We have a problem, but then that’s the raison d’être for Washington. It’s just a matter of deciding which fire to put out first. Is extending benefits for the long-term unemployed one of those fires? We can’t even afford it. In order to pay the unemployed in America, it has to come from someone’s pocket.

“Does it make sense for our country to borrow money from China to give it to the unemployed in America? That is weakening us as a country,” Paul told NBC News.

“As a nation, though, there is more to be considered. The biggest consideration should be our $17.3 trillion debt,” wrote Paul in the Lexington Herald-Leader. “…Currently, unemployment benefits are paid for by employer taxes for 26 weeks — anything beyond that is borrowed money.”

“Bankrupting America to pay for unemployment benefits is not a path to prosperity, nor is it a path toward job creation. We cannot afford long-term unemployment. Our jobless cannot afford it and our government cannot afford to fund it further.”

Keep in mind, he’s not against unemployment insurance. What he is mindful of, however, is what taking care of the long-term unemployed will cost, and especially taking care of that $17 point 3 figure. When even disabled veterans are being affected by cuts, it says something about the current state of our government. We can’t throw money at all our problems.

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