Boehner’s Resignation Provides Rare Chance To Change Direction In Congress

Boehner’s Resignation Provides Rare Chance To Change Direction In Congress

Boehner’s resignation should elicit a massive sigh of relief from those who are tired of business as usual politics in Washington. While in New Hampshire, Rand Paul suggested it could be “a step in the right direction.” God only knows we need to rid D.C. of the old guard Republicans, and this is a start.

Naturally Senator Paul has a good idea on who should fill the position of Speaker of the House left empty by Boehner’s resignation, namely somebody who has spent less than six years on Capitol Hill. In an interview with Breitbart News, Paul called for fresh blood and fresh ideas free from the constraints of the current old guard GOP.

We can only hope that the rats are leaving a sinking ship, as the GOP struggles to transform itself from the uptight party of hyper conservative nationalists who don’t even bother paying lip service to the idea of small government and individual liberty, back into the nimble, forward thinking party of the common person.

Rand Paul told a small crowd in New Hampshire that “People are frustrated” and that Boehner’s exit is proof of the growing demand that Congress actually do its job and “exercise the power of the purse.” Congress has not passed a true budget in decades, and the growing pressure to end the current annual fight to try and keep government stumbling forward like a drunken sailor whoring about on money borrowed from a loanshark has pushed Boehner out of his position and opens it up for somebody who will truly represent the people.

We have a rare opportunity to see fresh, bold new leadership take charge in Congress, and the growing revolt against the old guard GOP is increasing in power. There is now a chance to once again make being a Republican a badge of honor, and not something someone must apologize for as they explain that they aren’t that sort of bad Republican, but rather a throwback to the days when the GOP was the party of liberty and freedom.

Boehner’s resignation right at the start of the Presidential campaign season gives us promise for a new, and better leadership in the days and months ahead. It is an opportunity the GOP should not squander as it seeks to restore its place in the sun as the party of civil rights and individual liberty. Will you join Rand Paul in demanding a Speaker who is a throwback to the Party of Lincoln? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of USDA/Lance Cheung, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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