Black Lives Matter Activists Tracking Rand Paul As A Candidate With Solutions

Black Lives Matter Activists Tracking Rand Paul As A Candidate With Solutions

Black Lives Matter can be seen on signs all over western Washington State, and there is no doubt that Rand Paul will be reminded of this movement as he makes his way West. While associated with liberal causes, Black Lives Matter activists has listed Rand Paul on Campaign Zero as a supporter of policy changes they agree with.

Criminal justice reform is a key platform of the Black Lives Matter movement, and is also important to Senator Paul. There is no question that the lumbering behemoth of government has become too powerful, and the noble concept of liberty and justice for all has suffered.

Campaign Zero, the recently released policy platform for Black Lives Matter activists,
calls for common sense solutions like demilitarizing police and greater community involvement with local police. These small government, individual empowering solutions are just the sort of thing that America needs regardless of skin color or cultural origin.

It is a sad fact that we live in a nation where police are called on to wear body cameras in order to prove their innocence and protect the general public from police abuse, yet this is simply part of a larger culture that has permitted police to grow too powerful, and in the name of whatever trendy “war on whatever” is hip this week to trample American civil rights like so many weeds.

It is important to support candidates and movements that seek to return power to the individual, that weakens the chokehold government holds over society, and that would allow private citizens to once again be the sovereign entities that they are. We should not have to fear a militarized police raiding a home because they thought the wrong plant was being grown there, or have to see weapons and tools of war used to enforce domestic laws.

Rand Paul on Campaign Zero

The fact that of all the many conservative candidates, these Black Lives Matter activists recognize Rand Paul as an ally on Campaign Zero, instead of an enemy should show the importance of reaching out and working for common goals with persons of all political stripes. When liberty wins, all Americans win, and government loses, this should be the most important idea on the forefront of all of our minds. Liberty first is the cry, and friends of liberty come in all forms and skin color. What do you think? Is freedom finally becoming a bipartisan issue? Is liberty losing its association with fringe groups and becoming mainstream? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of The All-Nite Images, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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