Bill Clinton Would Have Kicked Hillary Out Over This

Bill Clinton Would Have Kicked Hillary Out Over This

It’s no secret that Rand Paul would have fired Hillary Clinton over Benghazi, but would a President Bill Clinton have kicked Hillary out?

At the AFP Summit, Sen. Rand Paul pointed to a similar incident back in 1993 when Bill Clinton was president. The setting wasn’t Libya, but requests for more security were ignored by a higher up resulting in the death of 18 brave Americans at a mission in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Two months after the tragedy, President Bill Clinton announced the resignation of Les Aspin, then secretary of the defense. Aspin had taken heat for denying security requests for U.S. forces in the region just a month before the attack.

“He ignored the request and he resigned ultimately in disgrace,” Paul said. “I think had Hillary Clinton worked for Bill Clinton, she’d probably have been fired.” (CNN)

That wasn’t the only thing to come up during Paul’s speech at the Americans for Prosperity 8th Annual Summit. We’ve managed to grab a short clip of his speech for you below. If you want more, take a peek at the live tweets and photos from other attendees here. So what do you think? Send me a tweet @ItsAPaulWorld if you think Bill Clinton would have kicked Hillary right out or comment on our Facebook page.

(Photo courtesy of Center for American Progress, Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)


WATCH: Rand Paul at the Americans for Prosperity 8th Annual Summit
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