Are You Still Fighting For Liberty?

Are You Still Fighting For Liberty?

While the Dems are busy flipping coins to figure out their winner, and Trump is busy wondering why he didn’t come in first, reality is kicking in for everyone else. The Iowa Caucus is an important early litmus test of a candidate’s viability, but not always a sign of who will win.

While typically the top three candidates in Iowa carry on, we can clearly see that the GOP field is still so crowded as to be anybody’s game. What does this mean for Paul supporters though? While Paul only placed a respectable 5th place in the Iowa Caucus, it still means that people like his message and want to hear more of it. Even though Paul has suspended his presidential campaign, “Liberty will live on.”

If we can purge the GOP ranks of a couple spoilers, the true importance of Rand Paul’s liberty minded message will eventually shine through. The fantastic thing is that New Hampshire is a long traditional libertarian stronghold, and it is unlikely that people there will take candidates like Trump or Rubio very seriously. It is important then to continue to push the message of freedom and liberty. Bernie Sanders has developed a powerful grassroots campaign by reaching out to the common person, and Rand Paul has a similar support base that must continue to mobilize despite his exit. The fight for liberty never ends.

Expect a powerful showing in New Hampshire, and to see the more mainstream GOP candidates to struggle with their big government message in a state that has no patience for such garbage. Share your thoughts with us on the upcoming New Hampshire primaries on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of Eden, Janine and Jim, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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