Are We The ‘Democrat-Lite Party’?

Are We The ‘Democrat-Lite Party’?

The Republicans have a problem. They have a voice in the rural cities and the mom and pop apple pie small towns, but they’re not reaching the big cities. The GOP is trying to fix this by opening a minority outreach center in Detroit, but that’s just one step. What will it take? Is the only way to extend their reach is by becoming what Paul calls “the Democrat-lite party”? Paul thinks otherwise.

“There’s a big debate going on in the Republican Party right now about how we should dilute our message…that that’s how we’ll get new people in the party,” Paul said [on Breitbart News.] “Or, it’s whether or not you believe like I do, that we should just be more passionate about our message and find parts of our message that we really haven’t presented well enough. That’s why I think the youth vote is open to us if we passionately defend the right to privacy. I think that much of the urban city vote and sort of metro vote is open to us if we can come up with solutions that are plaguing our cities: problems in education, economic empowerment. …

“I don’t think Democrats have served people well in the big cities,” Paul said. “School systems are in the pits. We’re going to talk about school choice. The criminal justice system is unfair; you have many blacks and latinos who are rotting away in prison often for nonviolent crimes. So we have to talk about criminal justice, school choice, economic empowerment. This is a message that we’ve not done a very good job at trying to reform. But if we come in with a reform message and set up a presence in Detroit, I think the upside potential is unlimited for us.” …

Sen. Paul helped open that new minority outreach center but, obviously, more ground has to be covered in order for the party to really make a difference in urban areas. The key to this, Paul feels, is really reaching out to communities like he’s been doing.

“I think one of the best examples of that is Jack Kemp,” Paul said. “…whenever he went to a city anywhere around the country, he always tried to go meet people where they lived, where the problems were. He didn’t just go give a message on the rich side of town. He tried to go into the impoverished neighborhoods, visit soup kitchens, visit the community centers and find where there is a place where you connect with people.” (Breitbart)

Does the GOP need to dramatically change their message in order to broaden their appeal? Not necessarily so according to Paul. The party just needs to show some community love and target relevant issues. We don’t have to be the ‘Democrat-lite party.’ Plus, Paul is showing the way by standing behind strong issues like mandatory minimum sentencing and economic empowerment. It’s not always about making everyone happy. Sometimes it’s as simple as just finding solutions for problems that exist.



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