Are More Republicans Siding With Rand Paul Over John McCain?

Are More Republicans Siding With Rand Paul Over John McCain?

So what is what? Rand Paul has been heavily promoting his Conservative Realism as the new (or at least kind of new) foreign policy theory that will best fit America and American voters after the last 10, 20, even 30 years of policy; he wants less intervention broadly speaking. John McCain’s style of Republican-ism favors intervention on a greater scale again broadly speaking.

Rand Paul’s stance on foreign policy is one that doesn’t really ring with the larger GOP establishment or with John McCain. His anti-interventionist qualities are often equated with being soft or even anti-American. At the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council annual meeting Paul took to task this line of thinking, a line that’s firmly entrenched in ‘conventional’ wisdom protecting the conventional politics of a conventional state. And he’s not alone.

Paul referenced a Bloomberg/Des Moines Register poll from October, which showed that 41 percent of Iowa Republican caucus-goers think the U.S. should “pull back current military engagements to be less interventionist in foreign policy” (CBS News).

Now that same poll did show 45% disagreeing with Paul, but polls are snapshots, things can change, look how much Obama’s approvals have dropped since 2008, look everywhere.

“They asked ordinary Republicans who live where I live, in middle America,” Paul said about the poll, “they asked them—and I think it’s a great question because they put it in general terms and not real stark terms—they said, do you agree more with John McCain and more intervention, or do you agree more with Rand Paul and less intervention?”

“I think that’s a great way to put it because I’m not talking about all or none,” Paul said. “I’m not talking about no intervention. I think we do have to intervene right now with ISIS, so I’m not talking about all or none. But I do believe less. I believe we’ve been everywhere all the time and we’re about to bankrupt our country and that there is great danger to what we’ve been doing. So, I want less. McCain wants more. He wants 15 countries more or 15 wars more.” (Bloomberg)

We should be cautious of those who want to continue intervention at break neck speeds anywhere on the globe. What are they getting out of it? Simply put, rich. They’re getting really really rich. If you sell sticks, guns, fighter jets, missiles, whatever, war is your business and you want to keep making sure wars happen. There’s no regard for the thousands of families who are affected, both in the US and in the countries it sees fit to destroy, just regard for their wallets.

Rand Paul is going up against an unbelievably powerful establishment who have the potential to outspend him at nearly every corner and to make gross generalizations on his policies or imply that say, not wanting to intervene with such impunity means being ‘weak’. It’s a fight that the “reluctant warrior” will have to overcome. Will you join him…or John McCain? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter or Facebook

(Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey, CC BY 2.0)



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