An Immigration Bill Bumble Could be the End for Boehner

An Immigration Bill Bumble Could be the End for Boehner

The domestic debate over an immigration bill continues, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul suggested recently that Rep. John Boehner’s (R-OH) position as speaker of the House is at stake, if Boehner lets an immigration bill similar to the one in the Senate get through the House of Representatives.

Reports Niels Lesniewski of Roll Call:

“Paul made his comments during an appearance on conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham’s radio show during which he predicted that Boehner wouldn’t permit such a bill to emerge from a House-Senate immigration conference.

‘I’m worried about conference,’ the Kentucky Republican said. ‘The only way to avoid a problem with conference is for the speaker of the House to say we are not going to conference, and we will not allow a vote on anything coming out of conference that resembles the Senate bill, and if there were a much more limited bill that emphasizes border security first, that we would do that.’

‘I think … if he allows something to pass out of conference that looks anything like the Senate bill and is passed with a majority of Democrats, I think that will be the final thing he does as speaker. So, I think he knows that, and I think he’s going to be very cautious, and I hope he will defend us on this and not pass something that looks like the Senate bill.’”

One aspect of an immigration bill Paul has been a staunch supporter of is border security. He has said numerous times in recent months that before anything like amnesty or a path to citizenship is established, the U.S. needs to make sure immigrants are not sneaking across the border illegally. Otherwise we’ll be stuck with the same issue we have now – a sizable population of illegal immigrants with no legal path out. The key, he said, is allowing Congress to be in charge of deciding whether the border is secure or not.

“I want Congress to be in charge of whether the border’s secure or not, not the president, whether it’s a Republican or Democrat president, I want Congress to be in charge because I have more trust in the people’s representatives because they’re closer to the people,’ Paul said. ‘Is it perfect? Probably not perfect, but that’s what I want to have happen.’”

In the meantime, as Paul says, it could be Boehner’s job on the line.

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