Americans Want ‘An Outsider’ in 2016

Americans Want ‘An Outsider’ in 2016

The continuing debacle and bungle of things in our nation’s capital has some predicting that Americans are going to want “an outsider” in 2016. Someone that Gov. Scott Walker described on ABC’s This Week “as being exceptionally removed from Washington.”

Could that someone be Rand Paul?

“I think they want someone outside of what’s been going on. So, for example, someone like myself who has been promoting term limits,” Paul said. “Someone who says we shouldn’t have decade after decade longevity up here. And I think I’m [new enough] here to still be perceived as an outsider, should that be the choice sometime in 2016.” (Special Report with Bret Baier)

Of course, Walker was alluding to himself when he made that statement about voters wanting “an outsider” in 2016. Not that, as Paul responds on Special Report with Bret Baier, “a governor is necessarily an outsider. A governor can be an insider as much as anybody else.”

If Americans are looking for an outsider then Paul seems as good a candidate as any. He isn’t afraid to disagree with his own party (See his stance on gay marriage.) or be passionate enough about issues like the voting rights of felons that he’s being seen as a “lefty hero.”

According to the Daily Beast, “Paul represents a whole other phenomenon. Coming from the furthest right reaches of the conservative movement on regulatory and economic issues, he is to the left of even most Democrats in Congress on issues of national security and surveillance. And if you are a liberal yearning for a Democrat to speak out against the War on Drugs or the voting rights of felons, Paul is, at the moment at least, the only candidate you’ve got.”

Paul is finding a balance between conservative and liberal issues which makes him unique enough that the Daily Beast describes him as representing “a new kind of figure on the American political landscape.” Does this sound like an outsider or possibly something better?

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