American Spectator’s Editor: ‘Freshest Sense of Politics Since Reagan’

American Spectator’s Editor: ‘Freshest Sense of Politics Since Reagan’

The young, the adventurous, the independent-spirited, these are the type of people that Rand Paul is attracting. Never mind the age, do these words describe you? That’s why the editor of the American Spectator is saying that Paul “represents a fresh start for conservatism.”

He has the freshest sense of politics than anyone I have known since Ronald Reagan,” says American Spectator‘s R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

The Senator is the keynote speaker for the magazine’s annual gala Wednesday, but there’s a reason why he’s there and why American Spectator‘s Tyrrell told the Washington Examiner that “Rand Paul is riding the currents of the future with regard to personal liberty” and limited government.

“Every ‘epoch’ begins with a specific moment,” wrote Reid Smith in the American Spectator last year. We were all witness to that first moment almost two years ago when Rand took the Senate floor for his historical filibuster. It’s not over yet. It’s all forward from here. If Paul could change public opinion in a matter of “hours“, imagine what he will accomplish over the course of years. Are you ready for what Reid coins as “the new age of liberty”? I am. Send us a tweet or join the discussion below.

(By the way, you can check CSPAN here to see if his speech from the gala has been posted yet. Otherwise, follow us on Facebook for more updates.)

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