Against a U.S. Presence in Syria? You Have One Person to Thank!

Against a U.S. Presence in Syria? You Have One Person to Thank!

Syria is a hotly-contested topic in Congress right now. And if you’re against further U.S. military intervention in the conflict, Nick Gillespie of The Daily Beast says you should be thanking one person: Mr. Randal Howard Paul.

Gillespie writes of the Kentucky senator (and  his fellow libertarian, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash):

“Indeed, their outspoken, principled pushback is part of the reason that President Barack Obama—the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner—hasn’t already pursued some sort of strike “just muscular enough not to get mocked” by the world while not inciting retaliation by Bashar al-Assad’s allies, Russia and Iran.

Paul and Amash consistently take on their own party when it comes to limiting executive power, rolling back the surveillance state and other war-on-terror excesses and redefining foreign policy.”

What makes politicians like Paul so effective, Gillespie argues, is their consistency on issues – regardless of what everyone else is saying (or wanting them to say). This is especially true when compared to the ever-flexible politics of “rollover Republicans,” who were likely to vote yes when presented with a plan for U.S. military action in Syria. You can put the pro-strike Democrats (so, just about all the Democrats) in that camp as well.

Because so many politicians are simply bending to the Obama administration’s will in regards to Syria, Gillespie says Paul’s rigidity is needed more than ever.

“In such a compromised moral and political universe, characters such as Rand Paul and Justin Amash are not just rare but necessary. We need more of them. Their willingness to articulate governing principles and then legislate accordingly is the reason they are leading an ideological insurgency in the Republican Party and stoking what outlets from The Atlantic to NPR to the Post are recognizing as a “libertarian moment.”

You may not agree with them on issues beyond the war, but that’s the issue that is front and center right now. Neither of them is a pacifist or an isolationist. But when it comes to purely elective war—not just in Syria but wherever our mad bomber in chief wants to drop a load next—you can be certain they will be leading the opposition.

So if you’re against more war, against a strike in yet another Middle Eastern country, put one guy at the top of your ‘Thank You’ list: Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

What do you think of Paul’s resistance to President Obama? Is he going too far, or is he right to push for what the constitution says in regards to military action?



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