Affordable Healthcare? Skip. Religious Freedom? Maybe Not.

Affordable Healthcare? Skip. Religious Freedom? Maybe Not.

Obamacare is keeping everyone busy. Especially the Supreme Court. Once again the health care bill is falling under its review. This time, it’s regarding the birth control mandate. If you thought getting “affordable” health care was a problem, wait until you throw in a whole host of issues regarding religious freedom and free speech.

The contraception mandate thrown in with Obamacare has been debated in federal appeals courts across the nation with mixed results and no clear consensus in sight. No one knows for sure how the Supreme Court will rule on this. It’s a question of whether or not business owners will be allowed to express their religious beliefs under Obamacare regarding birth control and abortion.

According to The Washington Times, “it is difficult to say which justices might uphold a business’ right to religious freedom, the analysts said.”

If not religious liberty, then there’s the issue of free speech.

The 10th Circuit judges who sided with Hobby Lobby cited the landmark Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case of 2010, which held that corporations hold free-speech rights that entitle them to make independent political expenditures.

“The idea that people don’t lose their rights when they organize in a corporate form is common to both situations,” said Mr. Barnett [a law professor at Georgetown Law Center.] (Washington Times)

Should for-profit companies be forced to cover birth control for their employees? Rand Paul has no problem with contraceptives. The main issue is with covering abortifacients. This is going to hit you wrong if you’re pro-life, especially if you’re paying for them too.

As the Hobby Lobby owners explained when they brought their case to court:

“[It] would make them “morally complicit” in the “death of an embryo.” They can’t pay for insurance and be good Christians…” (New Yorker)

As a result, if the mandate is enforced, then businesses will have to choose between “violating their faith or dropping health care coverage for their employees.” (Washington Times)

This isn’t something Paul agrees with. He spoke about it back in 2012 stating on FoxNews:

“…You should not be forced to buy insurance that goes against your religious principles.”

Obamacare has a lot of issues, but making you question your right to religious freedom shouldn’t be one of them.



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