A Trick Question For Dr. Rand Paul

A Trick Question For Dr. Rand Paul

If Dr. Rand Paul could only choose one, asked WHAS11, would he pick politics or medicine?

Is that a trick question?” Dr. Rand Paul laughed. “It’s a lot different. This is more immediate. You diagnose the problem and then you fix it… In politics, we diagnose the problem correctly, but sometimes we misapply and give the wrong solution, or no solution at all. So, this is a good reprieve from Washington.” (WHAS11)

This isn’t the first time that Senator Paul has performed pro bono cataract surgeries and it won’t be the last! He’ll be in Guatemala over the weekend with a team of surgeons, according to ABCNews, to perform around 200 surgeries within 3 days. Let me ask, what’s your local politicians doing for his or her summer vacation? Send us a tweet or comment on our Facebook page.

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