A Libertarian Eye Doctor Goes to Guatemala

A Libertarian Eye Doctor Goes to Guatemala

Rand Paul went off to Guatemala over the weekend – not to fix immigration, but to help the world see a little better.

It’s easy to forget Paul is a surgeon, easy at least until you see how he spends his free time. And Guatemala? Oh yes, there will be no shortage of folks who cynically call this a political stunt to shore up Paul’s image regarding Central America. If you’re about to join ranks though, you better pause and listen to this.

Before this, Paul returned home to his native Kentucky to perform three surgeries this month. Is our senator having trouble meeting his bills? No. Paul’s been working through his own non-profit, Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic for years, providing free eye surgery. Far from a publicity stunt, Paul has been walking the walk of the Tea Party for years. In fact, regularly providing pro-bono surgery has been something he has always done. You may not know that, but that alone should make you proud. His work was never done for publicity and Paul has kept his continuing professional work low key.

He recently joined a group represented by the Moran Eye Center from the University of Utah. That group headed to Guatemala to perform some 300 surgeries. Modestly, when asked about his continued philanthropic surgical work, Paul simply said:

“It’s just something I kind of miss in my life, and I want to be able to give back.”

What is most telling is the amount of cynicism that is rife in politics. There will be no shortage of people who call this a political stunt in the wake of the humanitarian crises on our borders. But, as we’ve already pointed out, this is not new work to Paul. In fact, this is business as usual.


While business as usual on Capitol Hill may be gridlock and partisan enmity, business as usual to Paul is to set aside politics and get things done. For my part, I would just like to give a hats off to at least one person who lives by the words they preach.

Paul raised money for the Moran Eye Center for this trip as well. You might not have heard about it. Why? Because it was done for the sake of doing. People with real, credible causes have better things to do than play to the media. They live by their beliefs and seek neither credit nor fame for doing what is right. I’d have to say, Washington could use a bit more of that humanitarian, go get it done spirit today.

What do you think about Paul’s visit to Guatemala? Do you support his efforts both at home and abroad, providing free eye surgery for those in need? If so, give us a tweet and let us know or follow us on Facebook.

Written by Mark Davis



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