A 9-Year-Old in Hamilton County Brought THIS to Rand Paul

A 9-Year-Old in Hamilton County Brought THIS to Rand Paul

Hundreds of people showed up at the Lincoln-Reagan dinner in Hamilton County last Friday. Why? There’s a buzz running through the crowd that a lover of liberty might be running in 2016.

This crowd of 600 people in Hamilton County included one nine-year-old with the U.S. Constitution in hand and a special request for Rand Paul.

As Kentucky’s junior senator shook hands with Republicans at the convention center in Cincinnati Friday evening, nine-year-old Tony Longano, dressed in a tie and sport coat, quietly approached him with a copy of the Constitution.

After a brief discussion, the Senator signed Longano’s copy.

“It’s pretty exciting meeting a senator when I’m only nine years old,” said Longano, who’s from Cleves. “It’s pretty amazing.” (Cincinnati.com)

I can’t think of a more appropriate thing for Senator Rand Paul to sign than the very thing he fights everyday to protect. Tony did have one question though for the Senator.

“…Paul wouldn’t stop for any interviews Friday night with local media. But when he brought his copy of the constitution to Paul, Longano asked him whether he will run for president.”

“I asked him if he wanted to be the president, and he said, ‘Between you and me, if you don’t tell anybody,” Longano said before his mother cut him off so he wouldn’t break his promise to Kentucky’s junior senator. (Cincinnati.com)

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(Photo courtesy of The U.S Army, via Flickr CC BY 2.0)
WATCH: Rand Paul at the Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner in Hamilton County
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