8 Quotes that Show Why We Love Rand Paul

8 Quotes that Show Why We Love Rand Paul

There are a lot of reasons to throw your support behind Rand Paul. Here, we’ve gathered eight quotes that we think symbolize everything likable about Rand Paul – his independence, his willingness to fight for freedom, his honesty. Read away!

And if we missed one of your favorite quotes that show why you support Rand Paul, make sure to write it in the comments below.

1) Republicans traditionally say, “Oh, we’ll cut domestic spending, but we won’t touch the military.” The liberals – the ones who are good – will say, “Oh, we’ll cut the military, but we won’t cut domestic spending.” –ABC News

With one quick swoop, Paul successfully simplifies what has been an uncrossable gap between the Democrats and Republicans in recent years.

2) The question is, do you want to live in a nanny state where the government tells you what you can eat, where you can smoke, where you can live, what you can do, or would you rather have some freedom, and freedom means that things aren’t perfect? –New York Times

Paul has always spoken out against big government, but what often garners him praise is his consistency. While many politicians say they defend the constitution, they have a tendency to pick and choose. Paul has a simple philosophy, and even though it doesn’t always produce ideal results, it’s what he believes in.

3) I think if you have a two-story office and you hire someone who’s handicapped, it might be reasonable to let him have an office on the first floor rather than the government saying you have to have a $100,000 elevator. –NPR

Ah, the federal government – where common sense goes to get beat senseless by rules.

4) The Republican Party is an empty vessel unless we imbue it with values. –TheDailyBeast

A label doesn’t mean much if there’s no content to back it up. And that’s where Paul is coming from here, as he tries to right a Republican ship that has, in many ways, gone off course over the last decade.

5) You need to have people within your own party that have the wherewithal to stand up to you. –The Atlantic

Very related to quote No. 4. Paul hasn’t been afraid to stand against the prevailing “wisdom” in the Republican party. He’ll stand up for what he truly believes in, even if it means going out on a limb by himself. A recent requirement of the GOP has been a toe-the-line attitude. Paul is proving you can be successful without groupthink.

6) As long as I sit at Henry Clay’s desk, I will remember his lifelong desire to forge agreement, but I will also keep close to my heart the principled stand of his cousin, Cassius Clay, who refused to forsake the life of any human, simply to find agreement. –ABC News

Paul said this back in 2011, during his first ever Senate speech. He evokes Henry Clay, known as the Great Compromiser for his work in the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850. It was a powerful image for a newcomer like Paul, who has since tried to strike a balance between getting things done and standing steadfast by his beliefs.

7) If you hear me out, I believe you’ll discover that what motivates me more than any other issue is the defense of everyone’s rights. –Wall Street Journal

It’s about personal choice and freedom. That’s what the United States was founded on, and that’s what Paul continues to trumpet. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s really as simple as that for the young senator.

8) I don’t plan on being bashful. –Wall Street Journal

Paul uttered this one day after winning his Senate seat, before he took the oath of office or stepping foot on the floor. Pure confidence. And really, after reading the previous seven quotes, do you think anything sums up Paul better than this?

WATCH PAUL SPEAK: “Republicans traditionally say, “Oh, we’ll cut domestic spending…”
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