5th GOP Debate Again Affirms Rand Paul’s Liberty-Minded Ideals

5th GOP Debate Again Affirms Rand Paul’s Liberty-Minded Ideals

As expected, the 5th GOP debate has started to thin out the herd and actually create meaningful dialogue. Despite his frontrunner status, the bombastic hairpiece that is Donald Trump is running out of steam, and his constant frothing at the mouth is losing its novelty.

Cruz and Rubio dominated the 5th GOP debate, with Cruz successfully picking up elements of Rand Paul’s real world Libertarian ideals, proving once and for all that the mainstream Republican party is ready for bold, fresh new ideas that focus on liberty and freedom.

Off in the sidelines, Trump was making his usual knuckle dragging appeal to the A.M. talk show and tinfoil hat crowd, further isolating himself from reality and people who can actually read a ballot on their own. Rand Paul, while overshadowed by Cruz, Rubio and Trump continues to hold his own, and promote his common sense ideas which are showing up more and more in Cruz’s campaign strategy.

What does this all mean? It means Rand is right. It means the bitter old neo-cons of Reagan, Big Government and vaguely threatening theocratic leanings are fading into history and being supplanted by Republicans who hearken back to the true meaning of the Party of Lincoln. True progressives who care about America, liberty, freedom and meaningful social progress that spreads the benefits of small government, individual liberty and personal responsibility to the nation. We are seeing the beginning of a Republican Renaissance as Rand Paul fuels the guiding lamp of Liberty and shows the world what a Republican truly is.


WATCH: Rand Paul Highlights From 5th Republican Debate

The 5th GOP debate shows that if you don’t hide your lamp under a basket, it will illuminate all that it falls on, and eventually compel others to carry the same light, lest they too return to the darkness of big government and politics as usual. I have said it before and I will say it again, regardless of who wins the GOP nomination, Rand Paul is the true winner. His relentless pursuit of the true American ideal has paid off and forced the GOP to take notice of that pesky notion of liberty.

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Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff



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