4 Things I Can’t Do in Russia Anymore Because of Russian Sanctions

4 Things I Can’t Do in Russia Anymore Because of Russian Sanctions


Are you sitting down? This might be hard to take. I know how everyone likes to stand in front of their laptops, but this… You should really sit down for this one! Russia has issued its own sanctions against the US. Yes, that second round of U.S. sanctions on Thursday finally did it. They’re striking back with Russian sanctions. Nine U.S. officials are on Russia’s blacklist now and McCain’s spring break in Russia is completely and utterly crushed. Bummer.


Since Monday, roughly 40 Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean officials have been targeted by EU and U.S. sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Crimea. This list includes President Vladimir Putin’s “personal banker” as well, according to CNN. So Putin’s government has decided to respond with their own Russian sanctions. What do these officials on the Russian blacklist have to say?


David S. Joachim of The New York Times writes that “the reaction was more like a synchronized spit-take combined with a bipartisan declaration of pride unseen since President Richard M. Nixon assembled his enemies list.

“Proud to be included,” Speaker John A. Boehner said.

“Badge of honor,” said Senator Mary L. Landrieu, who leads the energy committee.

And, of course, Senator John McCain:

However, out of all of them, Senator Dan Coats’ tweets about the Russian sanctions is the best. Here’s my favorite four out of his ten tweets:

It’s a hard hit from Russia indeed. When will these Russian sanctions stop? What has the Crimea crisis done to your spring break plans in Siberia?! Okay, fine, go ahead and kick my ass in the comments below or on Facebook


(Photo courtesy of sheriffmitchell, via Flickr Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0)



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